A small update to an enormous project

Berlioz is turning out to be somewhat more complicated than I’d imagined.

Development on its core functionalities, I’ve found, consistently seems to get interrupted as I try to figure out how to smoothly incorporate additional functionality — which I’d considered essential to demonstrating its usefulness. The accounting module should track the organization’s budget for feed, routine supplies, maintenance costs, etc… and needs to play well with the supplies/inventory module and nutrition module (which also needs to track seasonality and availability of feed, as well as supplies). The supplies/inventory module obviously needs to play well with the nutrition module. They both need to play well with the core bits that keep track of individuals/enclosures/areas, and should be able to generate a report on how ‘fit’ the organization is to take in new animals. All of these would also need to potentially integrate with a future fundraising module.

Much of the backend to all of this, surprisingly,  isn’t extraordinarily difficult. Just time-consuming to plan and implement. But at some point I probably will have to start collaborating with people talented in UX design to make the system a pleasure to deal with from a user perspective. Also, posting on Github when I’m more confident in the core elements.


~ by probablytech on August 20, 2012.

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