A Bad App Proposal – or why there isn’t a pet-microchip identification smartphone app

I while back, while talking with a (shelter employee) about how many different pet microchip technologies and companies were in business and commonly in use, the conversation turned to, “is there an easy way to check a found-pet’s microchip?”

Currently, there are 14 companies in the US that provide microchips, utilizing 4 technologies

There’s (at least) one website that allows you to enter a serial number, upon which it reveals with which service <your pet’s chip> is registered. http://www.petmicrochiplookup.org/

The program would have to first find the provider, then query that provider, potentially dealing with multiple APIs. Not too big a deal for app developers, but an issue nonetheless.

The other big issue is that there aren’t any chip readers on the market that interface with a smartphone (or computer, for that matter). Would manufacturers be willing to add a universally-compatible interface for computers?

The readout yields a number. Unless you’re regularly scanning several chips, typing a number into a computer isn’t enough of a hassle to validate buying a new scanner with a bluetooth or NFC or (insert another buzzword) interface.

I can only speculate that the current system is set up as something of a security measure, to prevent someone from entering every possible number into a web form (or, more likely, using SQL injection), to return records of pets they haven’t found…for whatever potentially malicious purpose.

So, no pet-microship identification smartphone app. Bummer.


~ by probablytech on September 13, 2011.

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