Conservation Project Management

Project Name: Berlioz

What it is:
A management, tracking, feedback, accounting, and information system for organizations that deal with enclosed populations of wild animals.

1 – to be clearly useful
2 – to be easily implementable, highly user-friendly, and usable on older computers and mobile phones
3 – to track movements of individuals/animals within a sanctuary, in the interest of preventing (and/or managing) disease outbreaks
4 – to encourage good management practices and documentation
5 – to replace existant system(s) that offer a smaller featureset and/or offer inferior inter-compatibility among systems
6 – to be as inexpensive, in terms of initial and maintenance costs, as possible. Ideally, all of the software should be free/open-source.

The primary method of deployment for Berlioz’s server package will be as a Live-USB session that boots into a lightweight distribution of Debian linux, and offers the options of installation to an internal hard disk, or for saving settings in a “persistence” file on the USB dive itself. Berlioz runs on a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Python) stack, but a DE is available for initial configuration. Further development will include setup packages for existent servers.

Initial development of Berlioz’s desktop user-interface will be as a relatively lightweight web application, with the intention of making it usable on older hardware and web browsers. Further development will add HTML5-based interface improvements. A mobile web interface will be designed as well for usability on smartphones and “media phones”. Further development will include an SMS gateway.


~ by probablytech on April 5, 2011.

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